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Is it time to replace your timing belt? Let the expert mechanics at GreenTech Automotive help. We are the leading automotive repair center in Santa Rosa that offers expert timing belt replacement and repair.

A vehicle’s timing belt connects the engine’s crankshaft to the camshaft. It plays an important role in controlling the piston and valves, allowing the engine to operate.

Like the rest of your vehicle’s components, your timing belt needs to be attended to. As a vital part of the vehicle, it is important that your timing belt is in optimal condition for engine function.

timing belt replacement

There are numerous reasons why a timing belt may need to be replaced. Some of the most common reasons timing belts fail are:

  • Misalignment
  • Weak drive structure
  • Damaged or worn pulleys
  • Debris in the timing pulley or drive
  • Under-tensioning
The symptoms of a failing timing belt can be very subtle.
timing belt replacement

To steer clear of costly repairs, have your mechanic inspect your timing belt every 60k to 100k miles. When determining inspection intervals, be sure to consider manufacturer’s recommendations. Some common signs that you should have your timing belt looked at are:

  • Ticking noise coming from the engine
  • Oil leak near the motor
  • Check engine light comes on and flashes
  • A loss of power
  • Your car is running or idles rough
  • Exhaust issues

Does your vehicle have one or more signs that its timing belt needs looked at? Give GreenTech Automotive a call! Schedule your appointment today to have one of our experts check the status of your vehicle’s timing belt, and ensure your vehicle is ready for the road. Give us a call at (707) 545-7076

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