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EV Repair Service

Like traditional cars, electric cars can run into problems every now and then. The sooner you address electric car problems, the better. They also need regular maintenance. Regular maintenance keeps your EV in working order by addressing current electric car problems and preventing future issues.

Whether your EV needs repairs, or you want to have it maintained, GreenTech Automotive has got you covered. We are a trusted Sonoma County electric car maintenance shop. Over the years, GreenTech Automotive has carved a niche for itself by constantly meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

Electric vehicle repairs in Santa Rosa are not as straightforward as many car owners believe. A mechanic who specializes in repairing traditional cars isn’t qualified to service or repair EVs. Our team comprises seasoned EV technicians. They have an in-depth understanding of EV issues and know where different EV components are located, as well as what functions they serve. With their trained eyes, our EV technicians always get all the details. Their know-how enables them to get to the root of EV problems and treat it.

Our car repair center is outfitted with advanced equipment designed to help EV technicians save time and be more efficient with their tasks. Even the most experienced technician can make EV repair and maintenance mistakes. Our car repair and maintenance checklists help prevent mistakes and confusion by ensuring tasks are carried out in an organized fashion. They help our teams stay focused and organized, allowing them to meet and beat deadlines.

EVs have come a long way and are still evolving. The parts of electric cars produced these days are very different from the ones utilized by EVs manufactured in the late 90s and early 2000s. Also, EV repair technologies are advancing rapidly. We stay on top of industry trends. Our technicians are always eager to learn new technologies. They are committed to continuous learning and upgrading their knowledge and skills constantly.

We are an eco-friendly company. Our solar-powered workshop does not rely on the grid. We have sealed our floor shop to ensure chemicals and other substances in oil and grease do not seep into the ground below the shop.

Our advanced floor cleaning procedure is designed to help save water and ensure that oil or other fluids do not mix with mop water. Our EV technicians are trained to dispose of oil filters and any leftover oil or antifreeze in a responsible manner without adversely affecting the environment.

Has your EV been acting up lately? Call our office to schedule maintenance.

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