Four Transmission Fluid FAQs Answered

The transmission is an integral component of a car. It transmits the power generated by the engine to the wheels through a system of gears and gear trains. There are two different types of transmissions-manual transmission and automatic transmission.  Manual transmission requires the driver to shift the gears and engage the clutch. Automatic transmission, on the other hand, shifts automatically according to speed and power demands. Both manual and automatic transmissions need transmission fluid. Transmission fluid helps keep the parts of the transmission system moving smoothly. 

What Is Transmission Fluid?

Transmission fluid is an essential vehicle fluid. It lubricates different transmission components for optimum performance. It protects metal parts from wear and tear by reducing friction between them. Transmission fluid also reduces heat, helping keep different parts cool. Automatic transmissions use automatic transmission fluid, whereas, manual transmissions need manual transmission fluid. When choosing transmission fluid for your car, consider your vehicle’s make and model. If you do not know which type of transmission fluid is right for your car, refer to your owner’s manual. A car’s owner manual contains useful information including which type of transmission fluid should be used in it. 

Why Is It Important To Change Transmission Fluid?

Like other essential car fluids, transmission fluid deteriorates and gets dirty over time. Old and dirty transmission fluid is a deep red or brown color. Unclean transmission fluid can do more harm than good. Dirt or dust in it can affect the performance of different transmission components and cause them to deteriorate prematurely. To prevent performance and other problems, periodically change your transmission fluid. How often you need to change your transmission fluid primarily depends on the type of transmission your car uses. For manual transmissions, the recommended transmission change interval is 30k-60k miles. If your car has automatic transmission, you will want to change your transmission fluid every 60k-100k miles. 

What Are Some Signs You Need To Change Your Transmission Fluid?

As a leading transmission repair and maintenance shop in Santa Rosa, this is one of the most frequent questions we are asked. Our team has comprised some of the most common signs that it is time to bring in your vehicle for a transmission fluid change and tune up.  

  • The warning light comes on 
  • Difficulty shifting gears 
  • Your engine revs when cornering 
  • Buzzing, roaring, or whining sounds when cornering 
  • Fluid drops under your car 

What Are The Different Types Of Transmission Fluids?

  • Dexron/Mecron-It is the most commonly used transmission fluid. It contains friction modifiers that protect transmission components from heat.
  • Type-F-Is usually used in vintage cars. Type-F does not contain friction modifiers. 
  • Highly Friction Modified Fluids- The friction modifiers in HFM fluids are more effective than those in Dexron/Mercon.
  • Hypoid gear oil: Can withstand scorching temperatures and high pressure. 

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