The Importance of Regular Brake Maintenance

up-close look at a vehicle's brake

Your car’s brakes are one of its most important components and an essential safety feature. They save several lives on the road every day. And like every other part of your car, your brakes need regular care and maintenance, which can save you money and headaches down the road. Not to mention, well-maintained brakes are reliable and last longer.

GreenTech Automotive is the leading brakes service provider in Santa Rosa. Our team of experts has compiled some of the most compelling reasons to service your brakes regularly.

Improved Safety

Regular maintenance keeps your brakes in working order. Well-functioning brakes play a critical role in keeping you and your passengers safe. They help you stop your vehicle on a dime to avoid collision with an approaching automobile, object, or pedestrian.

Better Gas mileage

Old, damaged brakes can force your car’s engine to work harder. As a result, its gas mileage may drop. Maintaining your brakes at regular intervals is a great way to get better gas mileage.

In addition to periodically having your brakes serviced, cultivate good driving habits. Do not slam on your brakes too hard. Always slow down before you stop. Tailgating is always bad driving practice, so remember to maintain a safe distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you.

Prevents Expensive Repairs and Replacements

The components of your braking system, including your brake pads and brake shoes, take a lot of punishment on a daily basis and can wear out over time. Worn brake pads and brake shoes can cause friction between different parts. The heat from friction can damage brake parts, and you may have to replace them earlier than expected. Worn brake shoes create an annoying scraping noise and lead to braking issues. Regular brake maintenance addresses these problems, increasing the life of your brake components.

Helps Vehicles Pass Inspections

If your car has damaged brakes, it may not pass inspection. Vehicles not pass inspection cannot be driven legally on the road. Regular maintenance keeps your brakes in tip-top shape, and you need not worry about your car failing inspections.

Handy Brake Maintenance Tips

Brake problems can crop up between professional maintenance sessions. You must rely on something other than your mechanic to maintain your brakes and should carry out these brake maintenance tasks at regular intervals.

  • Check brake pads and rotors for signs of damage. Replace damaged pads and rotors as soon as possible. If you notice a burning smell, consult your mechanic.
  • Flush your brake fluid.
  • Small amounts of air can become trapped inside your brake line, affecting braking efficiency. Bleed the brake lines to remove excess air.
  • Replace or upgrade brake parts. Switch to heat-resistant slotted disc brakes and quieter ceramic pads that produce less dust than organic brake pads.

Are your brakes acting up? Let GreenTech Automotive help. Our technicians have hands-on experience maintaining all types of cars to ensure we can serve all our clients. To make an appointment, call (707) 545-7076.