5 Signs You Need A Brake Check

Properly functioning braking systems save lives on the road every day. Brakes take a lot of daily punishment that overtime can develop wear and tear problems that can negatively affect their performance. Driving around with bad brakes is a recipe for disaster. In addition to jeopardizing your safety, malfunctioning brakes can cause serious issues that can take a heavy toll on different systems of your car. If you are experiencing these car problems, have your mechanic take a look at your braking system as soon as possible.

Unusual Noises

Your braking system has a small indicator designed to give off a high-pitched sound when the brake pads are beginning to wear out. If you hear this noise while driving, your brake pads need to be replaced. A grinding noise also indicates worn brake pads. Driving around on completely worn off brake pads can prove to be a grave mistake, as the rotors can become damaged. Damaged rotors are quite an expensive fix. Do not wait too long to replace worn brake pads or you may end up with a costly repair.


If your car has an anti-lock brake system or ABS, you may feel sudden vibrations when you decelerate suddenly. This is normal; however, if vibrations occur under normal braking conditions, you can be pretty sure there’s something amiss. Vibrating brakes could mean that your rotors are no longer in their proper or original shape. You may also have a problem on your hand if you have to push your brakes all the way to the floor to stop your car, or they are super sensitive; i.e., they stop your car at the gentlest touch. Before things take a turn for the worse, call your mechanic to schedule a brake check near you in Santa Rosa.

Car Pulls to One Side

Does your car pull to one side every time you apply your brakes? There is a strong possibility that your brake pads are not working properly and are applying uneven pressure on the rotors. Your brake pads or rotors may have worn out or brake fluid level may have dropped.

A Burning Smell

After hard braking, if you smell like something is burning, your brakes could have overheated. Pull over immediately and consult your mechanic. If you continue driving, your brake fluid may boil, and your brakes can even fail.

Brake Light Comes On

If your brake warning light stays on while driving, your brakes have run into a problem. A red or yellow light could mean that your car has detected a problem with your braking system, or your car is due for service.

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