Why Does My Car Vibrate When I Brake?

Accelerator and breaking pedal in a car. Close up the foot pressing foot pedal of a car to drive.

Your car should not vibrate when you hit the brakes. If it does, there is something amiss with one of your car’s components. This is known as brake shudder. It is usually felt through the steering wheel, brake pedal and suspension. These vibrations can range from mild to violent. When you are looking for the best auto repair shop in Sonoma County, you can look to GreenTech Automotive. To ensure your safety of your vehicle, our experts have compiled some of the most common causes for vibrations while braking.

Brake Rotor Issues

One of the most common causes of brake shudder is warped brake rotors. Excess heat produced due to friction between different parts when braking can cause rotors to warp. Sometimes, brake rotors become glazed with brake materials. When you have warped rotors, your car shakes when braking as the metal is no longer straight. GreenTech Automotive is a top-rated brake repair center in Sonoma County. If these symptoms sound familiar, it is time to give GreenTech Automotive a call.

Suspension Problems

If your car vibrates when braking and when you are driving, there could be a problem with your suspension. Over time, pebbles and rocks can damage your axle, and consequently, affect suspension performance. Suspension parts such as tie rods, bail joints, and wheel bearings can wear out over time due to normal wear and tear affecting braking performance. Another common sign that you are dealing with a suspension problem is your car shaking vigorously before coming to a halt. Faulty struts or shocks are some of the most common suspension issue that arises with regular wear on a vehicle. GreenTech Automotive is the leading struts replacement shop in Santa Rosa.

Worn Or Damaged Brake Pads

The average brake pad is designed to last 50,000 miles. Your brake pads can go out sooner or last longer depending on your driving habits and whether you maintain your brakes periodically or once in a while. A worn brake pad could cause pedal pulsation and/or weird noises and cause the front of your car to vibrate when braking. If you notice these signs, have your mechanic replace your brake pads as soon as possible.

Unbalanced Tires

Driving frequently on underinflated or unbalanced tires can cause your suspension system to work harder. What’s worse is your steering wheel can start vibrating, and you may experience difficulties steering your vehicle. Out-of-balance tires can cause a whole host of problems including poor fuel economy and uneven and faster tread wear. Before things take a turn for the worse, have a mechanic inspect and balance your tires.

Brake Calipers are Sticking

Your brake calipers are designed to push the brake pads against the rotors. Sometimes caliper or caliper pistons become stuck and are unable to properly push the brake pads against the rotors. This may cause the vehicle to vibrate when braking. Some common signs your brake calipers are sticking include acceleration problems, your brake pedal is less responsive and unusual sounds or even smells while braking. GreenTech Automotive is the best auto repair center in Sonoma County. Whether your brakes are not working or your wheels are out of alignment, we can help. Our experts work to ensure that your vehicle safe and ready for the road. To schedule an inspection, call (707) 545-7076.