How Do I Know If I have Bad Brakes?

mechanic inspecting the wheel well on raised vehicle

Brakes, a crucial part of your car, help ensure you and your passengers’ safety while traveling. Therefore, getting your vehicle’s brakes checked by a professional mechanic or car workshop is essential to ensure they work efficiently and keep you safe. However, when your car brakes are not in the right condition, they show specific signs. This article will cover six signs that your car has bad brakes. Let’s begin.

The brake light turns on.

In most cars and models, the screen panel behind the steering wheel turns on the brake light whenever your car brakes are in poor condition. It indicates that there’s something wrong with the brakes, and you need to get it fixed. You can simply search online for auto brakes near me (Santa Rosa) and choose a reliable workshop from the results to get your brakes inspected and repaired.

Brakes produce strange noises.

If you hear weird noises when applying brakes to your car, there are chances your brakes need a service, repair, or replacement. These screeching, squealing, and grinding sounds are annoying and indicate your car has bad brakes, and it’s time to take it to an auto brakes shop.

The steering wheel vibrates.

Your car’s braking system squeezes the brake pads against rotors (large metallic discs attached to your car’s wheel rim). When you apply brakes, and if the steering wheel vibrates or gets shaky, your rotors might have gone warped. A car specialist can fix it by resurfacing or replacing the affected rotor.

The car leaks brake fluid.

Most cars have brake fluid stored in a master cylinder, which works with brake lines to create hydraulic pressure when you press the brakes. Your car brakes won’t work properly without the brake fluid. If you find fluid leakage spots on the floor after moving your car, you should get your car brakes, as well as fluid level, checked.

Brakes produce a burning smell.

While this rarely happens, it is not out of the question. If you smell burning odors or even see smoke being formed when you hit brakes, it may be due to overheated brakes or the clutch. In such a case, pull over your car immediately and seek professional help. You can search for auto brakes near me (Santa Rosa) on the internet to get contact information for auto workshops in your area.

The car pulls to one side.

Does it feel that your car pulls itself to one side of the road as you apply brakes? Whenever this happens, it may suggest that the brake pads are warped, the caliper is imbalanced, or the brake hose is faulty. However, only a professional and experienced car specialist can examine the car and tell the real issue.

These are some common signs that indicate your car has bad brakes and needs an inspection. And no matter how trivial the problem is, you must not avoid or delay car brake issues. Instead, you should contact a skilled auto repair center like Green Tech Automotive – a green-certified auto repair shop in Santa Rosa. For your auto repair or maintenance needs, book an appointment with us today by calling (707) 545-7076.