3 Essential Brake Maintenance Services for Your Vehicle

Your brakes are the most important safety feature on your car. Properly functioning brake systems save lives on the road, improve fuel efficiency, and prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle.

At GreenTech Automotive, our priority is keeping you and your vehicle safe on the road. As one of the leading auto shops in Santa Rosa, our mechanics are experts in brake service and maintenance. Learn the 3 essential brake maintenance services all owners should have done regularly on their vehicle.

Brake Fluid Flush

Brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid. It lubricates all of the moving parts of the braking system, reducing friction between them. It also plays a crucial role in the braking process, helping safely slow down the vehicle or bring it to a complete halt.

Brake fluid deteriorates over time. Sludge can affect its capabilities to create a protective barrier around braking components. Without adequate protection, brake parts can deteriorate prematurely.

It’s also possible for brake systems to lose brake fluid. Low brake fluid can affect brake pads. Have your brake fluid replaced every two to three years. Brake fluid flushes are recommended every other year or 30k miles, whichever is sooner. Check your brake fluid even when your car is sitting idle.

Brake System Service

Brake components are not supposed to last a lifetime. Age related deterioration, your driving habits, and driving conditions can affect the performance and useful life of brake parts.

During a braking system maintenance session, your mechanic will check its different parts to see if they are working properly or need any repair. GreenTech Automotive offers brake repair and maintenance. A brake expert will check the complete brake system to ensure that your vehicle is safe and ready for the road.

Brake pad Replacement

Brake pads have a sacrificial friction material that holds the brake rotor to create heat, which converts kinetic energy into thermal energy to stop the vehicle.

Over time, the sacrificial friction material wears down and brake pads need to be replaced. Some common signs it’s time to change your brake pads are:

  • A warning light on the dash comes on
  • High-pitched squeals or other unusual noises when braking
  • Increased stopping distance.

 It is important that worn brake pads be replaced in a timely manner. If you ignore these signs, your brakes may fail and may be unable to stop your vehicle all together.

 The Green Tech Automotive team consists of seasoned automotive experts. Whether your brakes are acting up or you want to improve steering response, we can help. To schedule an inspection, call (707) 545-7076.