5 Signs Your Car’s Air Conditioner Needs Auto AC Repair

When outside temperatures soar, your vehicle’s air conditioner (AC) helps keep your car’s interior cool. Like every other car part, your AC can develop problems. A faulty car AC can fail to cool properly or stop cooling at all, leaving you high and dry on a hot summer’s day. When their AC starts acting up, many car owners blame the extreme heat for their cooling woes. By the time they identify the real culprit, it’s too late and they end up with serious damage to an AC component. To help you avoid this pitfall, we have compiled a list of symptoms that signify that a car’s AC is failing. If you notice these signs, have an Auto AC repair expert look at your car immediately.

Airflow Problems

Do you turn on your AC to notice that there is little to no airflow from your vents? Your AC may have run into a problem. You may have a loose blower hose, a fan might have broken, or mold might have started growing on your AC. You do not want your AC to break down in the middle of a long drive. Before things take a turn for worse and your AC stops working, have your mechanic inspect it and address the problem.

Inadequate Cooling

Loss of cooling is the most obvious sign it's time to call your mechanic to call an auto AC repair near you. Some common causes of inadequate cooling include a blown-up fuse, a damaged compressor, or a broken fan motor. Whether you have a minor issue, or a major problem on your hands, it is important that you have your mechanic address it as soon as possible.

Cabin Gets Hot After a Few Minutes  

You know your AC is not working properly if it stops cooling a few minutes after you start your car. This often happens when the valves become clogged, and the refrigerator is unable to enter the evaporator.


Bad smells coming from your AC can indicate a dirty filter. Molds thrive in dirty filters. They not only smell bad but can also cause several health problems. If molds are growing on your filters, act fast before they spread to your evaporator or inside your air vents. To prevent cooling problems, periodically replace your filters.

Unusual Noises

Air conditioners manufactured these days are designed to run noiselessly. So, if you hear weird noises coming from your AC, something’s amiss. Rattling noises are usually caused by a broken fan blower or debris stuck in the system. A high-pitch squeal may mean a problem with your air con belts.

Whether your car’s AC is not cooling properly or not cooling at all, GreenTech Automotive can help. Our AC technician specializes in determining root cause of clogs and address it. To schedule your auto AC repair, call (707) 545-7076.