The Dangers of Driving With Worn Brakes

silver and black car wheel and brake pad

Scruffy brakes are one of the most dangerous conditions to drive because they can lead to complete brake failure. It’s also illegal in many countries and states, including California.

However, many drivers don't realize that their brakes are on their last legs until it's too late, which can lead to unfavorable scenarios and mishaps.

If you're driving with worn brakes, you may not be aware of the dangers. As a trusted brake shop in Santa Rosa, our team of brake repair experts at GreenTech Automotive has compiled a list of the top 5 largest hazards of driving your vehicle with worn brakes.

Rear-ending Another Vehicle

Your car's braking system is designed so that when you press hard on the brake pedal, it applies pressure only to one set of brakes at a time.

However, if both brake pads are in tatters equally, there will be no difference between pressing on one pedal or the other. That means if you need to stop quickly, neither set of brakes will react as fast as they should and have enough power to bring your vehicle to a standstill.

Thus, it may be difficult for you to stop in time before hitting another car, person, or object in front of you.

Damaging the Car's Rotors and Calipers

The pads rub against these parts when you apply the brake pedal, slowing your vehicle down. If your pads are worn down to less than half their original thickness, you may have to push harder on the pedal to make them work.

This can cause undue stress on other parts of the car, especially if it happens over time and at high speeds. Over time, this can even cause permanent damage to your rotors and calipers and even make them warp – which can be very expensive to replace!

That's why you should get your brake pads inspected by a qualified brake shop on a regular basis and replace them before they reach this point.

Voiding Your Warranty

Most warranties have a clause stating that if a part of the vehicle fails due to neglect or poor maintenance, it won't be covered by warranty coverage.

That's why most auto manufacturers recommend that you change your brake pads before they reach the minimum safe limit set by experts in this field (usually 10-15 percent).

Experiencing a Complete Brake Failure

A worn brake pad will not have enough material left on it to create friction with the rotor and cause it to overheat. If this happens, it can lead to complete brake failure, which means that nothing will stop your vehicle when you press on the pedal. This could result in a crash without warning – even at low speeds!

To ensure that your vehicle doesn’t become a hazard to others on the road and runs safely and efficiently, get it serviced every so often by your local professional brake shop.

Causing Accidents and Injuries

Worn brakes aren't just a problem for your car, they can be dangerous for other people too. A vehicle with damaged or worn brakes can easily slide out of control when driven on a wet surface or during bad weather conditions such as heavy rain. As a result, you may be unable to stop in the nick of time, and it may lead to an accident/collision or an emergency situation, causing avoidable injuries should your brakes have been working properly.

Are you having issues with your vehicle's brake pads and looking for an experienced brake shop in Santa Rosa? Schedule an appointment with our certified mechanic at Green Tech Automotive to get your vehicle checked out right away before the problem worsens. Call (707) 545-7076 today!