Hybrid Car Maintenance: 4 Tips for Looking After Your Hybrid

Hybrid cars are the need of the hour. These environmentally friendly cars use less fuel and emit significantly fewer tailpipe emissions than traditional vehicles. Hybrid cars employ electric drive technologies to boost vehicle efficiency. Also, improved fuel efficiency = reduced fuel costs.

Like classic cars, hybrid cars need ongoing care and maintenance. Regular maintenance maximizes the efficiency of your hybrid vehicle, so you get all the benefits of driving a hybrid. It addresses current problems and prevents potential issues, and can increase your car’s useful life.

Follow these car maintenance tips in Sonoma County to keep your hybrid car in top shape around the year.

Maintain Your Tires

Tire pressure affects fuel efficiency. In addition to adversely affecting fuel efficiency, poorly inflated tires present a safety hazard. They can burst, and you may lose control of your car. Keep your tires inflated to the correct pressure. Have your tire pressure checked every month. Remember to check your tires when the weather changes, as temperature changes affect tire air pressure.

Rotate your tires regularly – every 6,000-7,500 miles or every six months. Get a wheel alignment every 1,500 miles or every year. Make sure your tires are balanced. Check them regularly for uneven tread wear.

Pay Attention to Your Batteries 

Your car’s hybrid battery is the heart of the hybrid power system. It starts your car and powers its electric motors. To keep your battery running efficiently, charge it to 80%. Make sure it doesn’t overheat. Take your vehicle out for a spin regularly.

Even when you do not use your car regularly, make it a point to start your car every day or every other day. Brake and accelerate slowly. If you plan to store your vehicle for an extended period, check your owner’s manual for instructions. Store your car in a place that is neither too cold nor too hot.

Stay on Top of Maintenance

There are several compelling reasons to have a professional inspect and maintain your car every 6,000 miles or every six months. You may miss subtle signs of car problems, but your mechanic won’t! An experienced mechanic can address issues before they snowball into serious concerns.

During preventive maintenance sessions, your mechanic:

➢Makes sure your wheels are correctly aligned and tires are balanced.

➢Checks tire pressure and tread depth to see if the tires are wearing unevenly.

➢Checks and replaces the air filter if required.

➢Checks car fluids.

➢Inspects shocks and struts and the battery.

Maintain Your Brakes

Brakes are an essential component of your car. They affect your car’s safety as well as its fuel efficiency. Have a professional check your brakes twice a year. Flush brake fluid regularly.

To prevent premature degradation, always slow down before you stop. Do not overload your car; your brakes will need to work harder to stop it.

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