What Are the Steps of Transmission Tune-ups?

Auto mechanic working on car engine in mechanics garage.

The transmission is an integral part of a car. It transfers the right amount of power from the engine to the wheels. Some common types of transmission include manual transmission, automatic transmission, and semi-automatic transmission.

When your transmission goes out, your car refuses to move. From low/leaking transmission fluid to worn gears, there are several causes of transmission failure. Why wait for your transmission to fail when you can prevent transmission failure in the first place with regular transmission tune-ups? Timely transmission tune-ups can save you a lot of headache and money on transmission repairs down the road.

Here are some common services included in a transmission tune-up.

Transmission Fluid and Filter Check

Your mechanic will inspect the car transmission system to assess its overall health. If your transmission fluid is black or a deep red/brown color or smells burnt, it is too old and dirty. Your mechanic will replace the old transmission fluid with clean and fresh fluid.

General Inspection

A transmission tune-up near you in Santa Rosa also includes a general inspection of the transmission system. During transmission tune-ups, mechanics carry out a static and driving test to diagnose problems such as gear slipping, stiff or irregular gear shifting, unusual noises during shifting, and late or early shifting. Many automotive repair shops use in-ground lifts hidden under the floor to lift cars so mechanics can inspect transmission mounts, the neutral safety switch, and throttle linkage.

Replacing Failing Parts

During a major transmission tune-up, your mechanic will conduct a thorough check of your vehicle and replace any parts that are failing. They will also let you know if anything is likely going to have issues in the near future.

Transmission Pan Inspection

Your car’s transmission pan houses the pan gasket and transmission fluid. It is designed to protect the fluid from contamination by collecting dirt and debris. It also cools the automatic transmission fluid before it is sent back into the transmission, and prevents transmission fluid from leaking. Your mechanic will check the transmission pan for signs of abnormal wear and tear and may replace the gasket if the transmission fluid is leaking. If the problem persists, the transmission pan will also be replaced.

Signs Your Transmission Needs a Tune-up

Some signs your transmission is due for service include – a whining noise while your car is not moving, fluid or oil leaks, delayed shifting, a burning smell, or if the engine is working fine but the car seems to have no power.

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