Common Transmission Problems

The transmission is a complex mechanical system consisting of different components that also serves as one the key lifelines in your car. It experiences more wear and tear than many other parts due to the heat and friction produced by the different moving parts.

A damaged transmission is a recipe for disaster. When your transmission goes out, so does your vehicle. Transmission problems can cause slippages, vibrations, and drastic changes in shift patterns.

Transmission repairs are expensive. If you are experiencing one or more of these transmission problems, schedule a transmission tune-up  with an auto shop near you before things take a turn for the worse. 

Poor Response or Shifting Delay

Does shifting gears feel like an uphill struggle when driving? Your transmission may be to blame. The moment you shift from park to drive, your car should immediately go into the proper gear. If this is not the case, there is something amiss.

If you drive an automatic transmission, you may experience a delay when shifting into drive or park before the gear engages. Manual transmissions can have the same problem, but the RPM may surge after shifting into gear. However, the car won’t move as fast as it should. This is usually caused by a faulty clutch, but may indicate a more serious underlying problem.

Weird Noises

Unusual noises such as whining, clunking, or humming noises could indicate transmission troubles. Some noises could mean that your transmission fluid is breaking down. More often than not, clunking noises are caused by a faulty internal component.

If you are hearing these noises, have a technician inspect your transmission to determine if your car has run out of transmission fluid or you are facing a more serious transmission problem.

Burning Smell

A burning smell coming from your car is a cause for concern. More often than not, a burning smell means your transmission fluid is dangerously overheating.

Transmission fluid has a major role to play in protecting your transmission. When your transmission fluid’s ability to lubricate different transmission components diminishes, friction between them increases. If you wait too long to address the problem, your transmission could completely break down.

Gears Slipping

If your transmission spontaneously slips in and out of gear while driving, you have a serious problem on your hands. You may need to step on the gas to avoid a safety problem. This might be caused by a problem with your car’s computer that affects its ability to signal the transmission to send power at the right time.

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