What are the benefits of car maintenance?

Mechanic maintenance checking the condition of an auto battery

Like other machines, cars need regular maintenance. Periodic maintenance keeps your car working at its optimal efficiency by addressing current problems and preventing potential issues. It improves vehicle performance, safety, and handling and increases the lifespan of your vehicle.

Here are some benefits of regular car maintenance.

Increases the Value of your Car 

According to Consumer Reports the worth of a used vehicle primarily depends on its condition. Most buyers and dealers consider the brand, model, trim, and overall condition when determining a purchase or trade-in value. Old car buyers might perform visual assessments or use a code reader to evaluate a vehicle's condition.

A log of upkeep activities can serve as evidence that you diligently maintained your car to preserve its value. Routine maintenance reduces wear and tear on your car and can help prevent future problems. A well-maintained car is reliable and is less likely to break down abruptly. No wonder car buyers value well-maintained cars more than poorly maintained vehicles.

Improves Vehicle Safety

Another advantage of regular vehicle maintenance is increased vehicle safety. Ignoring maintenance can lead to unexpected malfunctions or breakdowns when driving. A car with malfunctioning systems or damaged parts can put everyone including you, your passengers and pedestrians, and motorists on the road at risk. By maintaining your vehicle properly, you can reduce accident risks and ensure safety for everyone involved.

Improved Vehicle Performance

Regular maintenance can boost your car’s performance. Well-maintained car parts work the way they should and can help keep your car working at its optimal efficiency. This can lead to improved fuel efficiency, better handling, and overall superior driving experience.

Saves you Time, Money, and Headaches Down the Road

Many car owners consider regular car maintenance a waste of time and money. By ignoring car maintenance, you might save some cash in the short run, but you're setting yourself up for potentially bigger problems that can prevent your vehicle from operating.

If you put off car maintenance, existing problems won’t vanish over time. On the contrary, they may snowball into major issues, and you may end up spending a lot of money on repairs. Also, your mechanic may need several days or a few weeks to repair major issues, which means you may have to rely on public transport to move from one place to another for a long period of time.

In addition to preventing costly repairs, regular maintenance can improve fuel efficiency, helping you save money on fuel. If you are looking for car maintenance in Sonoma County, Then look no further. The experts at Greentech Automotive are committed to helping you get the most out of your car. 

Keeps Your car Running Longer

Routine car maintenance in Sonoma County can prolong your vehicle's useful life. A well-maintained car is less likely to require frequent repairs typically associated with aging vehicles compared to poorly maintained vehicles. Also, the longer your vehicle lasts, the more time you have before needing to invest in a new one.

A large number of resources are used to manufacture new vehicles and discard the old ones. Rubber, plastic, steel, and other materials used in cars are extracted from the earth. The extraction process damages the environment. Long-lasting cars can help reduce pressure on natural resources and reduce car owners’ carbon footprint.

Studies show that vehicles are a major source of greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. Authorities come down heavily on owners of polluting vehicles. Regular vehicle maintenance can help reduce your car’s emissions, turning it into a green car. Well-maintained cars are more likely to pass emission tests than poorly maintained vehicles.

You Will Have Peace of Mind

When you maintain your car regularly, you have peace of mind that comes with knowing that your vehicle is in top shape. You drive with confidence and aren’t worried about your car breaking down in the middle of nowhere, leaving you high and dry.

Is it Important to Maintain EVs?

Yes. EVs have fewer moving parts than traditional cars and need less maintenance than them, but they still need regular upkeep. Make sure to have a mechanic, ideally, one who has experience servicing EVs, inspect and maintain your vehicle regularly. Visually inspect your car’s battery and other components from time to time to make sure they’re working properly.

Car Maintenance Tips

To help you keep your car in top shape, we have compiled a list of our top car maintenance tips. Take a look.

  • Change engine oil at regular intervals: Engine oil ensures that all moving car engine components are adequately lubricated, reducing wear and tear. Additionally, it traps dust, dirt, and debris, preventing them from entering areas they shouldn’t be. Check the oil level every month and top up if required. Replace the oil filter every time you change the engine oil.
  • Look for leaks: When you drive out of a driveway, pause, and inspect the parking area for any liquid residues. If there's a fuel leak, consult a mechanic immediately. You will also want to look under the hood to detect any potential leaks.
  • Stay on top of professional maintenance: We cannot emphasize enough the importance of regular professional car maintenance. An experienced car mechanic can easily notice car problems that you can miss. During maintenance sessions, your car mechanic checks different car components to make sure they are working properly. The professional cleans and lubricates parts to reduce friction between them. They also repair and/or replace parts to keep your vehicle running smoothly.
  • Keep a check on tire pressure: Driving on underinflated tires can lead to premature tire wear and tear, or worse tire blowouts. Also, underinflated tires can affect vehicle performance and fuel efficiency. It is therefore important that you maintain proper tire pressure.
  • Clean the battery frequently: Before cleaning the terminal contacts of your car battery, disconnect your battery to reduce the likelihood of a mishap. Using a battery cleaning brush, gently clean the contacts, then reconnect them to the battery.

GreenTech Automotive is committed to helping car owners get the most out of their cars. Whether you own a traditional vehicle or an advanced electrical car, our team can help you keep it in top shape all year round. To schedule maintenance, call (707) 545-7076.