Green Up Your Vehicle: Eco-Friendly Ways to Maintain Your Vehicle

Car Maintenance in Sonoma County

Vehicle owners around the world are realizing that how they maintain their car determines the impact it has on the environment. Motivated by the desire to contribute to sustainability, many car owners are rethinking car maintenance. Owners are beginning to take various steps to reduce waste that occurs during regular car maintenance in Sonoma County. 

At GreenTech Automotive, we proudly take a clean approach to a dirty job. With our green practices and policies, we ensure our maintenance and repairs go above and beyond in sustainability. 

Here are some environmentally friendly practices to help you maintain your car sustainably. 

Responsible Cleaning

Practice thoughtful car washing. We all love a spot free vehicle but be mindful with the amount of water it takes to keep your ride squeaky clean. 

Handwash your vehicle with a limited water supply, allowing yourself to waste as little fresh water as possible. Avoid running your garden hose for long periods of time and use a tool like a bucket to help budget the amount of water being used in the washing process. 

When washing your vehicle, use eco-friendly soap solutions. Avoid using harsh and abrasive chemicals on your vehicle. When rinsing these harsh solutions, they run off your vehicle and onto the ground where they are absorbed by the earth. 

Use biodegradable or reusable cloths to wipe down the interior of your vehicle with a non-toxic cleaning solution. 

Drive Consciously 

The way in which you drive your car has a large impact on its’ sustainability. Consciously driving can help ease the impact of your vehicle on the environment. 

Avoid unnecessary idling. Reduce the amount of time your vehicle runs by turning off the vehicle when it is parked. Being conscious of your idle time will help run your vehicle eco-friendlier by saving gasoline and reducing carbon emissions. 

Use your brakes consciously. Frequently braking while operating your vehicle wears down the braking mechanisms and burns fuel at a faster rate. Consciously driving with foresight of the road ahead, improves fuel efficiency and overall wear on your vehicle. 

Maintain your speed. Sometimes the open road can be tempting to speed down. Maintaining a steady speed while driving can help improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle, while also reducing the need for braking as often. When reasonable, use your vehicle’s cruise control system to aid in conscious speed maintenance as you drive. 

Routine Maintenance

Schedule regular car maintenance for your vehicle to ensure it is in optimal condition for sustainable transportation. A regularly maintained car runs more fuel efficient and has a longer healthy lifespan on the road. 

Regularly check that your tires are properly inflated. Based on the recommended PSI measurements for your vehicle, routinely check that your vehicle’s tires are properly filled. Tires with the right amount of air improve fuel efficiency and wear on the vehicle. 

Routinely get your vehicle’s oil changed. It is recommended that at every 3,000 miles or every 6 months to have the oil in your vehicle changed. Regular oil changes allow your vehicle’s engine to live a healthy and clean life.

At GreenTech Automotive, our experts preform regular preventative maintenance servicesWe offer many services to ensure that your vehicle is performing efficiently on the road. Committed to sustainability, our teams use several practices and policies to ensure the greenest solutions for car maintenance and repair. To make an appointment, call (707) 545-7076.