Can I Repair My Hybrid Battery Instead of Replacing It?

Charging the batteries of the elecric motor. Disassembling the battery of an electric vehicle engine

Your hybrid car’s battery is an integral part of the hybrid power system. Not only does it start your car, but it also powers your motors. Like every other part of your car, your battery needs regular maintenance. Periodic maintenance keeps hybrid car batteries working at their optimal efficiency. That said, even diligently maintained hybrid car batteries can run into problems every now and then.

When their hybrid car battery hits a snag, many hybrid car owners wonder whether they should repair or replace it. Fortunately, in many cases, a hybrid car battery that is going bad can be repaired. If you are trying to economize, the procedure known as hybrid battery reconditioning can be a cost-effective solution. A successful repair job can restore function to your battery and also extend its lifespan.

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Hybrid Battery Reconditioning Explained

Hybrid battery reconditioning involves rejuvenating a hybrid battery pack to restore it to its original state, so it can regain its abilities that were temporarily lost. Some common methods used by hybrid car mechanics to restore hybrid battery packs include recharging, deep-cycling, and swapping out defective cells. The reconditioning process can enhance a battery pack's overall efficiency and prolong its lifespan.

The preliminary step in this process is to check the battery using a voltmeter to confirm if it's indeed impaired. If your battery is damaged, your mechanic will want to disassemble it to inspect its cells. Once they have identified the compromised cells, your mechanic will replace them. This task can be accomplished either by integrating new cells via soldering or through the substitution of the complete cell module.

Once the faulty cells have been removed, the next step is to re-energize the battery. This could be done using a basic charger or by actually driving the vehicle. When the battery is completely charged, it's crucial to retest it to confirm that it's working properly. If everything looks good and your car passes all tests, you should be good to go.

How Long Does Hybrid Battery Reconditioning Take?

Exactly how long it takes to recondition a hybrid battery depends on several factors, such as the battery's present state, its type, and the reconditioning technique utilized. The process of reconditioning a hybrid battery can take anywhere between several hours and multiple days, depending on the specific circumstances.

If your battery is in good condition, a simple charge and discharge cycle may restore it to its original state. The process takes a few hours. Conversely, if the battery’s condition has deteriorated or it is damaged, it will need more extensive repairs. As a result, the restoration process could take longer. Furthermore, if you have a larger battery or your hybrid battery contains numerous cells, a hybrid car repair shop in Sonoma County may need even more time to recondition it as each cell must be tested and reconditioned individually.

Hybrid car battery reconditioning is a complex process and should be performed by an expert. If you try to recondition your battery yourself, you are highly likely to make a mistake that can jeopardize your safety or lead to more serious battery damage that can impair the performance of your battery permanently or reduce its lifespan.

A professional will:

  • Evaluate the overall health of the battery according to the manufacturer's guidelines.
  • Restore the capacity of the modules or cells to retain a charge.
  • Prevent the modules from discharging or losing their charge by letting them rest for a month.
  • Reconstruct the battery by retaining the functional cells and swapping out the faulty ones.
  • Recompile the battery pack.
  • Substitute the copper tabs on the terminals to prevent corrosion.
  • Conduct a quality test using a real-world driving scenario.

Advantages of Hybrid Battery Reconditioning

The innovative method permits owners to revitalize their batteries, thereby enhancing their longevity and boosting performance. Reconditioned hybrid batteries can benefit both car owners as well as the environment.

Here are some benefits of hybrid battery reconditioning.

Prolonged Battery Lifespan

The most obvious benefit of hybrid battery reconditioning is that it increases the service life of hybrid batteries. Over time, the performance of a hybrid battery could take a hit. Hybrid battery reconditioning can restore its capabilities by addressing existing problems such as cell imbalances and sulfation. The process improves the operational efficiency of hybrid battery cells, helping hybrid car owners get the most out of their batteries.

Better Performance

Reconditioning a hybrid battery not only prolongs its lifespan but also boosts its overall efficacy. This process aids in mitigating any loss of capacity, ensuring each cell within the battery functions optimally. By enhancing the energy storage and discharge abilities of the battery, reconditioning can help improve acceleration, and augment power output and vehicle ride quality. Experience the authentic power of your hybrid vehicle with a reconditioned battery.

Helps the Environment

Hybrid battery reconditioning is a sustainable practice and can help reduce car users’ environmental impact. Several natural resources are used to produce new batteries. Also, the gasses produced during the production process pollute the environment.

Rejuvenated batteries can help reduce the demand for new batteries, thereby lessening the pressure on natural resources and reducing carbon emissions from the manufacturing of new batteries. Every year, hundreds and thousands of old, hybrid batteries end up in landfill sites, choking them. Reconditioning reduces battery waste by prolonging the hybrid battery lifespan. So if you want to reduce your carbon footprint, make your car more environmentally friendly by opting for hybrid battery reconditioning.

Improved Fuel Efficiency

Reconditioning improves your battery’s ability to transfer energy to the hybrid vehicle's internal combustion engine, boosting the overall efficiency of the hybrid system. As a result, your hybrid vehicle gets more miles per gallon.

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