Suspension repair at GreenTech Automotive

What Does the Suspension System Do?

Your car’s suspension plays a huge role in ensuring that your drives are safe and smooth. A vehicle’s suspension system impacts its ride quality. The suspension is responsible for absorbing the impact from hitting bumps in the road while driving.


A vehicle’s suspension is a complex network of many moving parts including:

  • Struts
  • Springs
  • Shock absorbers
  • Arms & bars
  • Bushings
  • Joints

Signs Your Suspension Needs Looked At

A car’s suspension usually won’t fail overnight. Typically, your vehicle will show signs of distress that the suspension needs to be looked at.

If you are noticing some of these common signs of suspension troubles, there is a possibility that it’s time to have your suspension checked.

  • Squeaking or unusual noises when hitting bumps
  • Reduced ride quality
  • Uneven tire treads
  • Car drifts or pulls to one side during turns
  • Steering problems

Whether your suspension is sounding weary, or has totally given up, our team at GreenTech Automotive can help. Our team will help you diagnose the issue and come up with a sustainable solution to get your vehicle riding smooth again.


Common Suspension Problems

Most of the problems that come with a faulty suspension system are easily recognizable. Some of the most common suspension issues include:

  • Age related deterioration
  • Bad struts or shocks
  • Poor wheel alignment
  • Damaged springs
  • Failing ball joints

Bad struts or shocks are the most common suspension issue that arises with regular wear on a vehicle. GreenTech Automotive is the leading struts replacement shop in Santa Rosa. Our team of experts can diagnose and provide solutions to common strut issues or complex suspension problems on your vehicle.

Suspension Repair

Causes of Suspension Problems

It is difficult to be sure what exactly causes a vehicle’s suspension to wear, but as a car owner, you can be cautious of most common situations that can lead to prematurely ageing your vehicle’s suspension system. To alleviate suspension wear, avoid the following when driving your vehicle: =

  • Driving on underinflated tires
  • Hitting potholes or speed bumps at high speeds
  • Taking your vehicle off-roading on unpaved paths

Green Tech Automotive: Your One-stop Shop for All Suspension Repairs and Maintenance

At Green Tech Automotive, our pros take a preventive approach to suspension care. We use effective, time-tested techniques to tackle suspension problems before they take a toll on vehicle’s ride quality.

When maintaining a car’s suspension system, our team checks each component to see if it is working properly by using the latest suspension repair tools and methods. Developed by industry experts, our suspension repair checklist helps keep things organized and prevent confusions.

Damaged or worn suspension affecting your vehicle’s ride quality? Let our team of experts get your vehicle back on the road smoothly. Call our office to schedule an appointment today, at (707) 545-7076.

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