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An Innovative Approach to Oil Changes

It can be frustrating to wait hours in your mechanic’s office while their crew changes your car’s oil. Introducing Fast Lane, an oil change service for car owners with a busy lifestyle. With the Fast Lane oil change at GreenTech Automotive, have your vehicle’s oil changed and out the door all in about one hour!

In addition to changing engine oil, our Fast Lane program comes with a comprehensive digital inspection that provides the vehicle’s owner with a health report on the components of the vehicle. This proactive health audit gives owners a deeper understanding of their vehicle’s health status.

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The Importance of Periodic Oil Changes

Time is a luxury many car owners can’t afford. Most vehicle owners struggle to take time out from their busy schedules for regular oil changes. As a result, periodic oil changes tend to come down their priority list. Skipping oil changes is a costly mistake. Old, burnt, and worn oil can harm your vehicle and damage engine components, leading to expensive repairs.

Some benefits of regular oil changes include:

  • Increased engine life.
  • A more efficient engine.
  • Better miles per gallon.

How Does It Work?

First, schedule your Fast Lane appointment by calling our Santa Rosa location or visiting our website. Choose a date and time that works in your schedule, and you are ready to go!

Here is what to expect when choosing the GreenTech Automotive Fast Lane oil change:

  • Our team takes your car to perform the oil change.
  • We run a diagnostic test while you waait in the customer lounge.
  • Once your car’s oil is changed, a technician parks your car in the common area and shares the results of diagnostic tests with you.
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At GreenTech Automotive, we firmly believe that every car owner should prioritize regular engine oil changes. We launched the Fast Lane oil change program to ensure that car oil changes are faster and more efficient. Staying on top of oil changes does not mean missing essential appointments or having difficulty spending quality time with loved ones.

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The Fast Oil Change Program:

  • Allows you to stay on top of oil changes without disturbing your schedule.
  • Helps you identify car problems before things go south.
  • Helps improve the customer experience.

To schedule your Fast Lane oil change, contact our office by calling (707) 545-7076.

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